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Seven Seas

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Tuesday 12 September

Time Session

Shell Presentation


Seven Seas Presentation


Outsourcing – Streamline your Business & Mitigate Risk 

In today’s volatile markets, your success will depend on the solutions you choose and the risk management you put in place.  Outsource your non-core activities and spend more time concentrating on your core business processes to streamline your business and mitigate risk. Outsourcing also reduces your exposure to long-term overhead cost should fleet size decrease and enables your business to be more scalable with a faster response time when the fleet size increases. Your non-core processes will be handled by professional experts, who will deliver premium services to your seafarers and make you cost-efficient to lower your OPEX.

Presented by Garrets


Chiefmar Presentation


Smarter Lubricants Purchasing

TOTAL Lubmarine will present an insight on how to effectively purchase Marine Lubricants in a short, free to attend, session entitled Smarter Lubricants Purchasing.  Visitors to IMPA London 2017 are most welcome to attend this free session and you do not have to be a current customer of TOTAL Lubmarine to benefit. The target audience would be Purchasers and Technical Officers or Superintendants wishing to have an enhanced understanding of best practice when purchasing Marine Lubricants cost effectively. Visitors to the session will be presented with a Certificate of Attendance which may be added to their Continuous Professional Development portfolio.

A Certificate will be awarded to attendees

Presented by The Total Lubmarine Academy


Francois Marine Services Group

Your international marine and offshore supplies specialist with integrated support and networks from our Stena Group.

Francois Marine provides turnkey solutions to the marine, shipping, offshore oil and gas industries in procurement supplies, logistics supply chain management, offshore catering management and agency services.  As part of Northern Marine Group (a division of Stena AB) which operates in worldwide locations, we provide one-stop ship supplies and support services that benefit our customers with scale economies, cost efficiency and hassle-free operations where customers deal with our single point of contact.


Hempel Presentation

Optimising efficiency by selecting the right hull coating

Four years ago, Hempel introduced the world's most flexible hull coating, Hempaguard X7, at IMPA 2013 during London International Shipping Week. Combining two proven technologies in a single solution, this efficient hull coating delivers enhanced fuel savings and protection over a range of operating activities. Hempel will discuss how hull coatings are one of the most significant pieces in the efficiency puzzle; and how best-in
-class antifoulings can deliver up to six per cent higher fuel savings and save time and money in dry dock.


Waterproof Solutions for Door to Deck Logistics

For the maritime industry, recent decades have seen an ever-growing need for efficiency in logistics processes throughout the supply chain. Companies providing independent supply chain solutions must offer maximum flexibility, global reach and cost transparency, while retaining customers with high levels of service and reliability. As part of a program to strengthen customer loyalty through the sector, Kuehne + Nagel has established a dedicated Marine Logistics division to look after specialist customer, including ship owners, ship managers and other key maritime suppliers. We would like to share with the audience a brief summary of our service portfolio and introduce challenges in modern ship spares logistics.

Presented by Kuehne & Nagel 


RMS Marine Service Presentation

For a Simpler, Safer and Greener Voyage

Speaker: Neo Liu

Wednesday 13 September

Time Session

IMPA Presents... Get up to date with all the latest news from IMPA.

IMPA Presents at IMPA London - Find out more about the IMPA Events and our plans.

IMPA London is the Associations flag ship event and continues to be a key event where new connections are made and where deals are done.; maritime professionals come together to network, learn and debate the latest issues central to the industry, but do you know what other events IMPA organises?

Find out more about: 

IMPA Singapore, now in it's 5th year. How we are training and educating over 200 buyers annually and how suppliers play a key part in the events success.

IMPA Purchasers Forum. Athens - The Association is building it's membership in Greece and the plans for our first Forum to held 18th September 2017.

IMPA Brazil - Procurement training. The first 2 day training course held in Rio de Janeiro was a great success, what did we do and what are plans for March 2018?

Hear about these and other exciting events planned and how suppliers involved all aspects of the supply chain can contribute and participate.


Wega Marine Supply Import & Export Presentation


ShipServ: New Developments

The requirement for shipowners and managers to reduce operational expenditure and drive efficiencies is well documented. To assist buyers in optimising their supplier base, reduce risk and costs on transactions, ShipServ has a number of tools in development which will enable them to analyse and benchmark their spend to achieve optimal OPEX savings. These include the ‘Supplier Performance Report’ and the ‘IMPA Spend Tracker & Price Benchmark’ tools. There will also be a preview of our planned developments in the area of category spend analysis.

In addition, ShipServ has also developed ‘BuyerConnect’, a new cost-saving solution for suppliers which allows them to seamlessly connect with their customers by eliminating the need for manual data input.


  • Stuart May, Chief Product Officer
  • Liam Herbert, Senior Product Manager, Marketplace Solutions

 Presented by ShipServ


Snap-back free mooring lines

The development of snap-back free mooring lines by D. Koronakis Sa, for Tankers, LNG-LPG carriers offers safer operation for the onboard as well as the on shore personnel.

D.Koronakis S.A


Brazilian Market – Risks & Opportunities for creating a successful business.

Synopsis: With 3,290,000 square miles, bordering 10 other countries and with 4,650 miles of coastline, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and fifth largest in the world. Brazil’s 2016 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$1.8 trillion ranks Brazil as the world’s ninth-largest economy.

Another reason to be excited about the Brazilian economy is that - after several quarters of low growth –at the moment experiencing unprecedented levels of optimism and a renewed economic drive which is boosting confidence for future growth there is an air of optimism about future growth levels. However, doing business in Brazil is notoriously complicated, and there are several aspects that organizations should consider in order to effectively do business without setbacks.

Boa Praca Group, a Brazilian owned company operating in the maritime and offshore sector since 1960, would like to share with the audience a brief summary on how to enter in the Brazilian Market and how to minimize company risks by seeking the support of reliable business partners. During the presentation, our new project will be presented - a commercial representation sales force for foreign suppliers who are willing to enter in the Brazilian Market.

Presented by Boa Praca


Embracing technology to improve crew welfare & safety

Increasingly, technology is becoming a way to give ship owners and managers an edge in a competitive landscape where it’s a continual challenge to ensure you maintain the best crew, most up to date safety technology, products and practices whilst maintaining a healthy bottom line. With a passion for bringing innovation to the shipping industry to revolutionise ship safety, performance & crew welfare, Martek Marine share with you the possibilities for embracing affordable technology in the area of telemedicine, 4G connectivity and the use of drones on-board ships.  


Presented by Nicole Edson

Martek Marine