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Marine Engineering For Buyers

Developing technical skills, key insights and understanding dominant issues

Tuesday 12 September  09:00 - 12:00

Understanding how technical and purchasing interacts and the relationship between the two specialisms forms part of this insightful programme. Specific issues relating to understanding the technical aspects of buying key product groups from within the industry the remainder of this highly relevant, topical and at times frustrating domain. Delegates will leave with a firm understanding of concepts and issues they face every day and how to deal with them.

Overcoming obstacles and sharing experience with others plays a critical part in this half-day master class session open to all levels of purchaser.

  • Introduction to the maritime engineering paradigm
  • Bottlenecks in procurement processes
  • Utilization of technical skills/technical buyers to overcome bottlenecks
  • Engineering for procurement specialists
  • Engine room layout
  • Diesel engines
  • Main engine
  • Auxiliary engine
  • Boilers
  • Fuel treatment system
  • Lubricating oil system
  • Cooling water system
  • Ballast systems
  • Bilgewater separator
  • Ballast water treatment systems
  • Pumps, valves, pipes, flanges, couplings
  • Instrumentation

Tuesday 12 September
09:00 - 12:00

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Non IMPA Members £145 + VAT

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Course Leader

Rob C. Scharff - B Eng, MSc, MBA

Rob C. Scharff is General Manager Purchasing & Logistics for Stolt Tankers BV. Rob has responsibility for procurement strategy and global responsibility for procurement and logistics for Stolt, and various corporate portfolios. He also lectures on a number of business subjects to first and second year students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Rob is also IMPA VP for Education and a Doctoral Candidate at Bradford University. He is considered an industry Course Leader expert and has solid experience and strong academic pedigree.